Welcome To Rajendra Public School, Sidhrawali

At Rajendra Public High School, we aspire to develop students who are knowledgeable, who have their own thought process and can follow their dreams. We focus on learning from the past while remaining open to future innovations. We believe that excellence in education is achieved when it is student oriented and delivered with scientific and creative teaching approaches by skilled faculty, who love their subjects and their students.

Chairman's Message

"Education is simply the soul of the society as its passes from one generation to another."
I always experienced a learning to a acknowledge my responsibilities and reciprocate by contributing to the growth and development of our society. Education is the basis of all progress it is for this very reason that we forayed in to education, about 20 years ago over a decide and a half of experience has taught us that progress is possible only, if men and women are equally well-educated.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the world's most trusted knowledge empowerment enterprise. And we always thought about to put ITI on the global map for training, knowledge development and consultancy.

Our Mission

Our mission is mainly focus on provide world-class, cost effective employment-linked training courses in a relaxed, friendly and accessible environment. Forge and strengthen affiliations with some of the best international professional training institutions. Offer students an instantly rewarding experience and a passport to gaining recognition in a multi-cultural work environment. Ensure optimal value for students' time and money.

Our Goal

Develop the skills of original, critical and creative thinking and scientific inquiry in students and encourage entrepreneurship amongst them Provide high quality library, instructional materials & programs and counselling services Prepare our graduates to exercise leadership for making contributions in their respective disciplines Motivate and encourage higher secondary students to pursue education in engineering and technology .